Providing Christ-centered assistance for women who have chosen adoption for their baby, and for couples wanting to adopt..

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Since Nov.2015 we have served 26 pregnant moms, assisted in 19 adoptions of 26 children (2 sets of twins and a sibling group of 3) and currently serving 3 pregnant moms in adoption plans.

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for your interest in Circle of Love, Inc. (COL) I thought I would let you know some details about our ministry and how we are involved in the adoption process.


We are a non-profit that offers support, therapy services, and case coordination to women who have chosen adoption for their unborn child.  Most times, these women have other children who need services as well.

The services may include coordination and help in finding housing and furnishing, jobs, educational opportunities and, social services needed to address things like substance abuse, domestic violence, and court orders.  Our women come with a variety of challenges.  And, we love them though them, with Jesus Christ as our example, and with the kind of love that we can only display with His help.


We are not an adoption agency.  We do not facilitate adoption.  We serve our birth moms, and help them complete the adoption plan that they have chosen.  Our birth moms are “matched” by attorney and agencies, which then ask for our assistance.


However, sometimes a local ministry or organization will refer one of their clients to me, to help explore the option of adoption with this client.  At that point, I will explain adoption, using profiles of adoptive couple’s as examples. IF the women should then choose adoption, and also shows interest in a particular profile, I would send the profile, along with the women to a local attorney or agency, to make a match.


Our ministry has been involved in 34 adoptions in the last 24 months, with 29 of those being referred to the adoption professionals through us, after a birth mom has chosen adoption while counseling with me.


If you are interested in your profile being used, as adoption is presented as an option to a women seeking information, please send me a copy of your profile, along with a cover letter that has your contact information on it and the name of who referred you to me, or how you found out about me.  I have been doing this for over 25 years, and I really do like to get to know the adoptive parents I work with.  I don’t advertise, and I am fine with keeping about 15-20 profiles at one time.  The birth moms feel more comfortable if they know I have contact with the couples that I show them.


I hope this answers some of your questions about involvement with COL.




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